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Recruitment Services for IT and Business Professionals 

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RecruitU is unmatched when it comes to providing clients with an affordable yet highly personalised service. We believe that one of the major reasons for our determination to succeed is our passion for service, coupled with our sincerity in assisting clients and candidates with a professional service at all times. We are serious in meeting your needs at any given time. In providing the right people for the selected positions, we become an extension of our client’s organisation.

Our approach is personalized and speedy, yet accurate and focuses on combing the market for the best opportunities and candidates out there. In particular, we aspire to provide intelligent as well as creative staffing solutions.

With our extensive hands on experience and wide network of contacts in the industry and the extensive knowledge of the local business environment, RecruitU provides clients and candidates with the highest quality, most innovative and professional services.

Core Recruitment Areas

• C-Level and Exec-Level
• Business and IT Transformation
• IT & Business Architecture
• Business Process Management,
• Data, Business & Systems Analysis,
• Programme and Project Management
• Change Management & Journey Management
• Operational Risk
• Software Development


To contribute to the development and stewardship of an    empowered society through effective and constructive occupational placements for both our clients and candidates.
At RecruitU the primary focus is on our clients and candidates successes. By doing so we know that our own prosperity will follow.


To provide the most suitable candidates for our clients in terms of education, experience, ability and culture.
To supply our clients with candidates whose goals are aligned with theirs.
To strive to achieve maximum advancement of our candidates careers over time through placing them within empowering and inspiring occupations.

How We Recruit

RecruitU endeavour at all times to understand our Clients’ culture, organisational dynamics, company goals and objectives.
We ensure that the recruitment cycle is fair, consistent, transparent and objective.
We provide you with continuous feedback to ensure that the right candidate is matched constantly. 

About Us

RecruitU is founded by Diane Robertson, a Resourcing and Recruitment Specialist who has over 15 years of experience within placing high-level IT, Business and Financial candidates.

Diane has an Affiliate membership with APSO (regulatory governing body for personnel consultancies) and has worked within niche consulting firms as well as corporate recruitment companies. Diane is well versed within Permanent, Interim and Contracting placements and has been responsible for staffing big projects for large enterprises. She has worked with a multitude of clients which range from financial services to media, marketing, mining, energy, FMCG, ICT and public sector clients.

Why choose RecruitU?

In today's competitive environment, the costs of hiring and other recruiting and staffing expenses are a major drain on corporations. RecruitU is able to provide you with the people who fit your needs perfectly at competitive prices. Our extensive screening process means you get quality people who have the skills you require.

With the rapidly changing business climate, the efficient and effective organization wins, and that means having people who fit your needs perfectly, when you need them. Whether you need to staff a single facility or support a multi-location national operation or to recruit a project-based team with uniquely skilled people – RecruitU has staffing services to help you meet your goals.


“Diane is a results oriented individual who works in a very pro-active and efficient manner. She has a business partner approach to both the client's needs whilst maintaining an eye on the overall future business development needs of the client's organization. She perfectly matches experience of applicants with the needs and endeavors to create a win/win situation for both parties.” 

“On a professional level I have found Diane to be reliable, hardworking, dependable, conscientious, honest, courteous and as helpful as possible. Diane operates with integrity and has an ability to take effective actions to overcome problems. I have seen Diane accept various challenging assignments and she has always performed at the highest standard and quality. She never leaves a job unfinished and will see all her assignments through to completion.” 

“It is with pleasure that I am able to act as a reference for Diane. She was both a valued client and supplier of ours for a number of years. Throughout that period she conducted herself professionally and with great integrity. Furthermore, she proved her ability to deal with the challenges that all small businesses face while remaining personable and good humoured at all times. As a supplier she provided swift and willing service in response to our requests.” 

“This serves to confirm that Diane Robertson is one of the current incumbents to our company for the placement of new staff, particularly in the Risk and Technology division. Diane is a very professional person who maintains a high degree of integrity and passion for her field. Diane really goes the extra mile in serving both the employees and employers.” 

“Since our first acquaintance, I have found Diane to be exceptionally thorough and detailed in the execution of her duties, and service to myself, when I found myself to be her client.

Diane has proven herself to be trustworthy, reliable and professional, and I will always make use of her services, as she always goes the extra mile. 

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She has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of IT recruitment, and has an excellent network of candidates that she has spent years building and cultivating. Diane has such specialist knowledge and skills in this field, I have little doubt she could perform most of the positions she finds and places candidates for.” 

“Diane Robertson was a studious recruitment consultant who was always available and helpful. She was dedicated and went the extra mile to make a placement. Diane understood the culture and the requirements and the caliber of candidates that were put forward were a good fit for the Company.”

“Diane’s attention to detail, excellent understanding of the job requirements and her knowledge of Information Technology has proven invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend Diane to other candidates for a position in the Information Technology sector.” 

“Diane Robertson, on several occasions has distinguished herself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched and well-written CV’s for candidates for several major projects.” 

“I have known Diane Robertson for + 12 years in the industry as a professional human talent recruiter. Through various organisations, Diane has always displayed a very professional approach to screening project and programme managers that applies for positions that she will advertise. She has always displayed trust and professionalism in the engagement sessions with me. She will take care to ensure that she understands your core competencies and always endeavours to make the right placement at the right customer based on the customer requirement and the individual skill-set.” 

“I’ve known Diane since November 2004, when she introduced me to a large insurance company. A work environment I will not change for in a long time and where I am totally content and have grown career-wise exponentially.

When Diane approached me during this time and mentioned that she had an excellent job-opportunity at this company, I had no such interest to move, and never even gave it a second thought to work in insurance. I also weighed up the costs of leaving my perfect haven of contracting for a permanent vocation. However, Diane laid out the facts for me from the start, firstly evaluating what I currently earned, how rewarding permanent employment would be for me and to my amazement what the job..

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entailed and how I would growpersonally in my career, a quality trade that was definitely missing from other labour recruiters.Because of her knowledge and expertise of the subject matter, and that she was now talking my language, I felt totally confident in the truthfulness of the situation and that she would handle my matter professionally. During this short period, Diane has proven to be reliable, dedicated, and conscientious and has provided feedback of very high quality. 
She was always friendly and always was willing to help. Most important, another quality I’ve seen in Diane, was her exceptional attention to detail, her organisational skills and good understanding of the subject matter.”